The network of organisations

The Network

The Network of Organisations is part of the Entrena Empleo project, which is a collaborative space for agents from public and private sectors who want to improve the help available for women in long-term unemployment. Coordinated by Fundación Santa María la Real, the Network encourages debate and dialogue on innovative measures, exchanges experiences and analyses best practices with the aim of reducing unemployment among women.

The Network
What we do?

Within the Network, we hold biannual face-to-face and virtual meetings between the different organisations involved in order to co-create solutions to the problem of long-term unemployment in women:

  • We create a space in which different actors from public and private sectors and companies, social entities, organisations, universities and public administrations that work with women in long-term unemployment can connect.
  • We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

We promote the co-creation of innovative measures so as to reduce long-term unemployment among women.

What we do?
Join the Network

Network members can benefit from all sponsored actions and initiatives free of charge:

    • Connect with key agents who are working towards the same objective: to improve the help available for women in long-term unemployment.
    • Share related experiences and knowledge.
    • Work together to promote the entry of women in long-term unemployment into the labour market.
    • Learn about the innovative measures that have been successful in other organisations.
    • Make your actions and projects more visible.
    • Access more resources and information related to long-term unemployment in women.



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